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UNISON members working in Freedom of Information – Damage survey

By UNISON, Sep 13 2019 01:15PM

This survey is for UNISON members who work delivering Freedom of Information. That means it is for UNISON members across Scotland who have some responsibility for how your public body employer complies with Freedom of Information legislation.

You may be a Freedom of Information Officer or similar - or someone whose work regularly involves providing information for responses to FOI requests - or you may be involved in delivering FOI in some other way. Whatever your role, if part or all of your job involves FOI, we would welcome your input.

UNISON campaigns, along with other organisations, to defend and strengthen FOI legislation and the public's right to know. MSPs are currently looking at what does and doesn't work and any changes that should be made, through post legislative scrutiny of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

Our members play a key role in delivering FOI and we want to know what you think. Your responses here will be used to write a Damage Report which UNISON will use to campaign on your behalf.

Your details will remain confidential and any quotes used will be anonymous.

The report, when published later this year, will be available here where you can also access previous reports in the Damage series.

We would like responses as soon as possible. However, it will remain open until the end of September. Members working in FOI are encouraged to send it on to their colleagues who are members. We hope with your help to receive a high number of responses.

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