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Outcomes of the consultation to the move from Weekly pay to Monthly pay

By UNISON, Aug 29 2019 03:25PM

We are now sharing the outcomes of the recent late consultation in relation to the imposition of the move from weekly pay to Monthly pay for staff that have previously retained this arrangements as part of their T & C’s/contract of employment.

We have advised the employer that this is something that our branch do not agree with and cannot agree to on behalf of our membership. Many of our members are opposed to this change. Whilst the employer has stated that it allows staff to be resourced in a more efficient manner they do not identify any cost saving figures.

We have shared with Stirling Council the issues that this will present for our members and have acknowledged that as a result of joint Trade Union representations made by UNISON and Unite on Tuesday 6th August 2019 that the employer is now offering the option of extending this change to take place in November 2020 as opposed to this being imposed immediately.

In the event of any change taking place the employer has proposed making an interest fee loan to those affected and colleagues in our sister trade union GMB made representations to the employer that affected staff start paying back any loan in advance of receiving it, some would say an interest free loan to the council, not surprisingly this was accepted by the employer. On this we have been clear with the employer that if this is something they intend to go forward with then it should only been done as an option that staff can say yes or no to.

Going forward we have made clear that due process needs to be followed in the event of such suggested changes so that we do not find ourselves in this position again particularly in relation to matters that constitute appropriate consultation and negotiation in line with Collective Bargaining.

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