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Latest updates 19 November 2018



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Campaign for parity in pay


Members who have not updated or provided their email addresses should contact the branch office immediately on 0141 847 1687.



Local Government workers are being short changed. They aren't happy about this. Council Staff  all, deserve a little happiness. More tangibly than that  they deserve a substantial pay rise and are determined to get one.  


UNISON, and other local Government unions have written a joint letter to Derek Mackay, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, the Economy & Fair Work, urging him to attend talks to avert strike action across local government...more here


(Just while we are here.... It's fair to say that we wouldn't generally speaking number ourselves among COSLA's biggest fans - but they are bang on the money about .... the money)

We need to talk about Local Government  


Read the Scottish Council Activists’ Bulletin covering:


•Biggest equal pay strike ever – Ten thousand marched through Glasgow on the first strike day


•Tide turning as 92% reject pay offer at Cornerstone;


•UNISON at STUC Women’s Conference


•Action call after 40,000 violent incidents at work


•UNISON wins £8.75ph for sleepovers


And more.....

Scotland in UNISON     No 134     November 2018